13 Nov

Keeping your house carpet clean is one very important consideration for the neatness of your house, that's why you buy it at the fast place. You would rather not have the carpet if you can't keep it clean. Like in any other cleaning, there all different methods that comes from it. Carpet cleaning is something more than just the removal of the stains and dust. It is a process that makes sure that during the dirt removal, the carpet is not affected or its nature depleted in any way.

Industrial Carpet cleaning is a practice that should be done every 12-18 months. From time to time, the carpet can be cleaned for cleanness maintenance or removal of urgent critical stains. This periodic methods are the major reason for the need for different cleaning methods. This, therefore, leads us to the two main carpet cleaning methods namely dry and wet.

Wet carpet cleaning is the most known carpet cleaning method. In wet cleaning, there are other diversification depending on the extreme and tools used for cleaning. Hot water cleaning or steaming is the most common wet cleaning method. Most carpet manufacturers recommend this method as being an in-depth way of cleaning, the method, however, is better used for industrial or long time cleaning since it affects most carpets.  Most carpet is set using heat, using such same heat regularly during cleaning could affect the fiber setting or damage the carpet. For fast cleaning one can use other wet cleaning methods that does not involve hot water such as shampoo on foam cleaning.

Dry cleaning is another fast way of cleaning your carpet. This method uses little or no moisture to clean hence dry cleaning. This method entails vacuuming off the dirt and dust after extracting it from the fabric with the use of a cleaning powder. It is a good way of fast cleaning since it does not require time to dry after cleaning. Periodic such cleanings, however, should be followed by an in-depth hot water soil extraction cleaning to remove any dust and cleaning powder that could be stuck down the fibers.

Worth noting is that, how long your carpet stays before the next general cleaning depends with the method and machine used for cleaning. Use of commercial cleaning machines will allow more efficiency since such machines are able to clean faster and are done with great expertise. carpet cleaning may sound like an easy to do thing, but when it comes to the expert, it is a great question of concern more so maintaining the quality of the carpet. Working with experts is a sure way of ensuring that your carpet is not only left clean but also its life and performance is considered too. 

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